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It is our duty to serve customers in the best way possible and we adhere to it strictly. That is why we have provided answers to the questions which are most frequently asked when we provide garage door services. Read the information below carefully and use it effectively.

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To find out more about common garage door questions and concerns, check out all the questions listed below. There will definitely be an answer for any of your issues. These questions were from customers like you who also had concerns about their garage doors. Browse on the list below to get the answers that you’ve been searching for.

Find answers here about garage doors and learn why garage door springs can be dangerous

How do roller problems manifest?

When it comes to garage doors that come with rollers that facilitate door movement, problems usually appear as noises and the difficulty in smoothly opening or closing of the door. To determine the problem, our garage door repair specialists say that a visual inspection must be made. Rollers are hardly fixable. Usually, they have to be replaced to address the problem.

What are torsion springs?

The popular torsion springs are parts of the garage door, which are responsible for the smooth opening of the door. They are attached to a stationary shaft positioned on top of the garage doorframe, and connected to one end of the stationary plate near the center of the doorframe. They create the tension that makes it easy to open the door.

I will have a new door installed, but I don’t have an idea where to put my old one

Most contractors, ourselves included, take care of your old door. After installation of the new one, the old one will be disposed of as part of the services that you sign up for. There is usually a small amount fee for this task.


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