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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs are the huge springs found either at the sides of the door close to the tracks or at the header of the door. The former ones are extension springs and the latter ones are torsion springs. These are the main types and despite their differences, they both have the same job to do which is to lift and lower the door. Thanks to their power the door also remains open at various heights. Torsion springs have a metal shaft going through them, one stationary and one winding one. From one side they turn while they remain still at the opposite side. This movement creates torque which allows the movement of the door. The power of extension garage door springs lies on their stretching and contracting. When the door is shut, the coils of the extension springs are stretched out hiding enormous power which is later used for the lifting of the door.

Spring repair services are offered quickly

Garage Door Springs in MinnesotaGarage door spring repair is the specialty of our team. Due to the importance of these components, we try to be as fast as possible when you have problems. The good thing with Garage Door Repair Saint Michael is that it has an organized, emergency team for urgent spring repairs. We take care of everything with speed and promise same day garage door repair in case there is urgency.

Springs need good and frequent adjustment so that the overhead door would be nicely balanced and that's why our company offers immediate garage door torsion spring adjustment. We know how to adjust all types of springs, work fast, bring the right tools and respond as quickly as possible. Our professionals never fail to check the adjacent parts, which are actually part of the spring system since the good condition of cables, drums and pulleys will also ensure the good operation of the springs and, thus, of the door.

You can rely on our team at Garage Door Repair Saint Michael for all your spring needs. We provide immediate broken spring replacement but also have the conscientiousness to check which springs are appropriate for your own door in order to ensure your safety, spring long-lasting and proper operation. Our help is valuable because all overhead door springs services are done with attention by professionals with exceptional knowledge.

Don't hesitate to contact our company for any spring trouble!

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