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It is always beneficial to learn new things, especially when it comes to using, caring for and troubleshooting something as complex as a garage door. Read the tips provided here and use what you have learned to perform tasks and make decisions which are in your competence in a better way.

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Provide lubrication to a chain drive opener

It is important to apply lubricant to the chain so that the friction between it and the rail is reduced. Our experts explain that the entire length of the chain must be covered with a thin layer of suitable lubricant. You have to run an opening and closing cycle to ensure that it will spread properly.

Check the spring first in case of slowly moving door

It is a common misconception that when the opener is straining the problem is usually with the device. In most cases, the garage door spring is broken. This issue is easy to identify. You will see the component broken in two. In this case, you must not operate the door until the component is replaced.

Choose the best material for your need

There are mainly three materials used for garage doors. Steel is the most common. It is durable but is a poor insulator. Wood requires more maintenance but is a good insulator. Aluminum overhead doors are lighter than steel but they are more prone to dents. Ones that are more contemporary are wood composite and glass garage doors.

Keep your tracks clean so the door will move smoothly

It is important that you remember to wipe away dirt and grime off your moving tracks as part of regular garage door maintenance. A clean, damp rag can help remove the amount of residue the rollers pick up as it travels up-and-down.

All stationary opener controls have to be mounted five feet above the floor

This is a safety requirement that you must adhere to. It covers the wall button or console and the wireless keypad. When they are installed at this or greater height, small children cannot reach them. This is a simple yet highly effective precautionary measure to apply when getting a new opener installed.

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