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How to Handle Garage Door Noise

04/06/2015 Back To Blog

How to Handle Garage Door NoiseDoes your overhead door give you a headache with its loud noise? This is perfectly natural but not always an innocent problem. It's natural in the sense that fasteners get loose after an extended period of use. If they're loose, parts get loose too and vibrate as the door is moving. The noise is loud since parts are made of steel and produce noise upon contact. Lack of lubrication also makes the system noisy. Again it's due to the contact of one part against the other. Such problems can cost you in money as well because parts get worn when they're rubbing one against the other or vibrate. Noise might also be the sign of already worn garage door parts or a not well-installed opener.

Although the problem of noises seems to just be frustrating, it could grow into a serious safety problem if you don't take care of it. Don't forget that noisy garage door springs are usually an indication of damaged springs. If the noise comes from loose tracks, soon the rollers will pop off and the door will jam. If bolts are loose, some parts won't be fastened well and, consequently, the door might bind and be a safety hazard to your family.

Eliminate noise by following the right steps

So, how do we deal with garage door noises? It depends on where the noise comes from. It's always helpful to examine well each part and try focusing on the exact point where the noise is produced. There are easy and there are difficult solutions. The easy solution is lubrication maintenance. It will be best to combine lubrication with the tightening of all bolts so that you can be sure that everything is in position and no parts vibrate. You need to spray lubricants to the tracks and rollers, the opener chain, all seams of the garage door hinges, pins, brackets and springs. For the springs, it's best if you spray some lubricants and then use a cloth or your hands to apply oil all over the spring. Once you're done and have also tighten all fasteners, open and close the door a couple of times so that the lubricants would be distributed right and check the noise of the door.

If the noise is still here, it's best to check the garage door rollers. Since these are the parts, which move in the tracks which are also made of steel, they could cause noise if they're worn. It could also be that the tracks are dented and rollers bump on the dents while they are moving. So, check them both. Bent garage door track repair takes place with the help of a screwdriver, which will help you to straighten it out. It shouldn't be as hard unless the dents are serious and in this case you will need to replace the track. It's always helpful to seek assistance at Garage Door Repair Saint Michael when such problems occur so that we can tell you our professional opinion and help you out.

When rollers are worn or rusty, they make a terrible noise and it's good to have them replaced. The procedure would differ depending on whether there is need to replace only the rollers or the hinges as well. In the case of the former, you can replace all rollers at once by disconnecting the electric door operator, bending a section on the upper part of the vertical track and with the help of the screwdriver, getting the roller off and replacing it with the new one. Then, move the door up and replace the next roller. At the end, use the hammer to straighten out the tracks. If you want to replace the hinges at the same time, unscrew the hinges, replace the roller and the hinge, and screw them both back but remember to remove one hinge at the time.

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