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How to Install Safety Cables

04/06/2015 Back To Blog

Safety cables are more than necessary to extension spring systems. Don't get confused! They look like the regular garage door cable of your mechanism but they are slightly different and serve a completely different purpose. Although both cables are part of the spring system, regular ones are essential parts, which help springs pull up and lower down the door while safety cables are the ones installed in extension springs for safety reasons. The safety cable actually goes through the extension spring and its job is to keep the spring in place instead of flying against your wall or face in case it breaks. Don't forget that garage door springs are made of coils. If they break in the middle, they will most likely fly in the garage due to their tension. If someone is standing by, he will be hurt. Since the impact is strong, such accidents could also be fatal and that's why Garage Door Repair Saint Michael recommends the installation of safety cables to all extension spring systems.

Since safety cables must pass through extension garage door springs, they must be fastened close to where springs are fastened at the two ends. This is the general idea but you must never forget the importance of taking the right precautions first for the prevention of accidents. After all, you are still dealing with springs here and great attention is required. In fact, it will be useful to have all the tools you need close to you and it is necessary to disconnect the garage door opener from electric power and from the door. Then you must secure the door by placing c-clamps under the bottom rollers. Time to install the new safety cables!

Extension springs safety cables are really important

How to Install Safety CablesRemove the s-hook of the cable from the track but make a small sign on the garage door track hole so that you will remember where to put the s-hook when you reattach it. Check the condition of the cable, of the pulley and the pulley's fork (which connects the pulley with the extension spring) in order to see if there is any damage. It's best to wear gloves to avoid hand injuries. In case one of these parts is damaged, this is the best time to change it. If you want to replace the pulley or its fork, you will need to remove the bolt and then remove it from the spring. Place the new pulley and/or the new fork, put the bolt and nut and make sure it is tightened.  


You must now thread the cable through the pulley and bring it back to fasten it on the track at the exact point where you made your mark earlier. Then, move to the opposite side and place an eye bolt to the closest hole on the angle where the extension spring eye bolt is attached. Make sure the eye bolt is tightened and doesn't come in contact with the spring's eye bolt. Get the safety cable and pass it through the extension spring making sure it comes out the opposite direction and then attach its end loop part to the eye bolt you just placed. Then, get the other side of the safety cable and pass it through a small hole on the pulley fork making sure it is straightened.

The best way to ensure the safety cable is properly secured at the opposite side as well is to install a bracket right next to the door opening. You will need to drill a hole in order to put a small lacing bracket where you will next thread the other part of the safety cable. Make sure both ends are properly secured before you remember the clamps, reconnect the opener and use the door.

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